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2023 UITP summit is underway. Solaris Bus & Coach showcases its flagship electric bus

At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona, Solaris Bus & Coach is showing off its flagship 12-metre electric Urbino bus, which is part of TMB Barcelona’s fleet

At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona, Solaris Bus & Coach is showing off its flagship 12-metre electric Urbino bus, which is part of TMB Barcelona’s fleet ∙ Its latest generation batteries and charging system tailored to the city’s infrastructure guarantee an all-day driving range ∙ On 6 June, at 11 am, the manufacturer invites you to a press briefing ∙ During panel discussions, Solaris experts will give presentations on e-mobility ∙ So far, a total of nearly 3000 Solaris zero-emission – i. e. electric and hydrogen – vehicles have been ordered or delivered

This year’s UITP Global Public Transport Summit has just begun. This time, representatives from the international public transport sector are meeting in Barcelona. As part of its presence at the summit, Solaris Bus & Coach is showing off its most popular electric model, the Urbino 12 electric, manufactured to order for carrier TMB Barcelona.

Solaris Urbino 12 electric bus at 2023 UITP

At the 2023 UITP summit, the manufacturer is showcasing its 12-metre Urbino electric bus, delivered to TMB Barcelona, an operator that provides public transport services in the city hosting the summit. The bus is equipped with all the requisite state-of-the-art technological e-mobility features, such as efficient next-generation batteries and innovative driver assistance systems. It is no accident that the vehicle, which is part of the city’s fleet, has been selected to represent the producer’s offering at the event. It is a perfect example of a battery-powered bus that offers the operator a convenient, all-day range. With an electric vehicle, such operability is possible due to cutting-edge batteries and the possibility of charging the batteries via a pantograph during the day. Barcelona is a city that has successfully integrated charging stations into its urban infrastructure.

The drive unit of the Solaris Urbino 12 electric bus showcased at the UITP summit is a 220 kW central engine. Energy is stored in Solaris High Energy batteries boasting a total capacity of over 400 kWh. They have been installed on the roof and in the rear of the bus. The vehicle can be charged either by means of a plug-in connector or via a pantograph. The maximum charging levels amount to 260 kW and 450 kW respectively. The bus on display can carry up to 77 passengers, including 21 seated.

The Solaris Urbino 12 electric bus manufactured for TMB Barcelona is equipped with a safety systems package encompassing, among other features, MirrorEye (cameras in lieu of rear-view mirrors that substantially widen the field of view and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle) and MobilEye Shield+ (a system that alerts the driver to collision risks and warns them – with acoustic and visual alerts on the display – when changing lanes without adequate signalling beforehand or when an appropriate distance to the vehicle in front is not maintained). In line with the order placed by the carrier, the model being exhibited features a closed driver’s cabin with a roll-down window. In addition, the driver’s work is facilitated by a touch screen panel and a pleasant temperature in the bus is provided by efficient air conditioning. The bus features on-board CCTV, which also covers the roof of the vehicle, making it possible to view the operation of the pantograph. With the comfort of passengers in mind, USB ports have been installed on the bus’s side walls and on handrails.

Knowledge sharing – presentations by Solaris experts

Representatives from Solaris have been invited to share their experience and expertise regarding zero-emission public transport with the Global Summit’s participants, for example during the Spotlight-Forum Sessions. Solaris’s experts include: Jakub Jóźwiak, After Sales Director, and Mateusz Figaszewski, E-mobility Development and Market Intelligence Director. They will talk about safety when it comes to battery-powered buses as well as hydrogen as a zero-emission option for public transport vehicles, amongst other things.

In addition, on the last day of the summit, Mateusz Figaszewski will be part of the CBEP panel discussion (Clean Bus Europe Platform). The panellists will discuss the development of clean technologies for public transport in Europe and the way the CBEP initiative can foster further development of the sector.

Spotlight-Forum Sessions:

Are battery buses safe – decade of experience in deploying large scale electric buses fleet?
Jakub Jóźwiak
Session: Latest innovations in charging and battery technology for e-buses.
5 June: 14:00-15:15, Spotlight Forum B (Hall 6)

Hydrogen – an alternative and new energy for zero emission public transport of the future?
Mateusz Figaszewski
Session: Accelerating Zero Emission Bus Deployment II.
5 June: 16:15-17:30, Spotlight Forum B (Hall 6)


Panel discussion with the participation of Mateusz Figaszewski
7 June: 12:00 to 12:45, Meeting room CC5.2

SOURCE: Solaris

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