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Zap-Map: Revealed: UK’s top ranking electric vehicle networks

Zap-Map, the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) mapping service, is today releasing its annual electric vehicle charging network satisfaction rankings

Major new Zap-Map survey ranks top 16 charging networks as rated by EV drivers

Zap-Map, the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) mapping service, is today releasing its annual electric vehicle charging network satisfaction rankings.

The much-anticipated league table ranks the UK’s most popular EV charging networks based on data from its annual survey of Zap-Map’s community of EV drivers.

The results, based on a sample of more than 1,500 Zap-Map users, show that Tesla retains its top spot as the country’s most appreciated EV charging provider, the network receiving the highest ranking, one driver commenting that Tesla’s service is the standard all networks should aspire to.

In second place overall, and the top place for multi-brand* networks, is InstaVolt, which retains its second spot for the third year running. One InstaVolt fan commented that the network is “modern, super reliable, generally come in pairs and contactless payment is a huge plus”.

In third place, and greatly improving on its 2019 ranking, is Osprey (formerly Engenie) which scores highly for its reliability and ease of use. One Osprey user also complimented the network’s services as “nice and visible, good locations, simple to use”.

This year’s survey rates 16 charging providers which are ranked from a maximum of 5.0 stars down to the lowest ranking of 2.0 stars. For those networks which EV drivers use regularly, respondents were asked to rate their overall satisfaction (using a 5-point Likert scale), and also their level of satisfaction in the four key areas of: reliability, ease of use, cost and facilities.

Dr Ben Lane, Co-founder and CTO at Zap-Map, said: “This year’s network rankings should focus the minds of all EV charging providers. As the survey demonstrates, EV drivers are very clear about the factors that make for a good charging experience, with reliability and ease of use being key priorities.

“A new generation of drivers want to arrive at a charge point and be confident that it will be simple to use and a trouble-free experience. They are quick to pick up that different networks offer varying levels of service, and will actively visit networks that provide a reliable and easy-to-use experience.

“The Zap-Map user rankings also highlight which networks urgently need to improve their charging services. As the EV market moves from early adopters to the mass market, EV drivers just want to be able to charge without any fuss. Poor-performing networks will need to take a long, hard look at the quality of the services they offer if they want to retain their customers as the EV market grows apace.”

Zap-Map user ratings for EV charging networks in UK


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