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Meritor announces longer-life N-type brake friction that meets state 2025 Copper Compliance laws today

Testing demonstrates superior pad wear and similar rotor life when compared to current Meritor offerings

Meritor, Inc. (NYSE: MTOR) today announced it is offering high-performing N-type brake friction to deliver exceptional pad life. The new friction is engineered for a range of gross axle weight ratings and is validated to offer performance and durability across multiple brake systems.

“With legislation taking effect in two states during 2021 and 2025 requiring reduced copper content in brake pads, our new MA9300 friction offers OEMs a solution today that complies with the 2025 laws,” said T.J. Reed, vice president of Front Drivetrain and Electrification for Meritor. “Our friction saves OEMs the time and expense of validating brake pads multiple times for various applications and weight ratings and offers the industry a green technology, which has a positive impact on the environment.”

The MA9300 friction demonstrated superior pad wear and similar rotor life compared to Meritor’s current offering during two years of comprehensive lab validation and more than 2.4 million miles of field testing. The friction fits Meritor EX+™ L and EX+™ H air-disc brakes for truck and trailer applications and is available on the aftermarket. It is interchangeable with today’s A-level MA761 pads.

With this offering, customers can stock one friction product now that meets new laws taking effect in California and Washington requiring lower copper content in brake pads by 2025.

Brakes sold in both states cannot contain more than 5 percent copper by weight beginning in 2021 and no more than 0.5 percent copper in 2025. Meritor’s N-type friction meets the 2025 requirement.

SOURCE: Meritor

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