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JLR invests more than £1m to support UK police in tackling vehicle thefts

JLR is investing more than £1m in police operations to target organised crime groups responsible for vehicle thefts in the UK

JLR is investing more than £1 million in support of proactive policing to tackle the organised crime groups targeting vehicles in the UK.

The commitment is part of an unprecedented security programme to support owners by tackling the issue at source.

JLR’s investment will support several police forces with additional, dedicated resources to respond to vehicle thefts in hotspots across the country, as well as a new national policing unit to gather intelligence. This will inform increased activity at the ports exploited by criminal gangs to export vehicles, including stolen Range Rover models.

Specialist officers will now also have more capacity to investigate these crimes. Pilot operations with two police forces have already resulted in stolen vehicle recoveries and arrests.

We are constantly developing our systems and security features and through our close collaboration with police, we stay ahead of any emerging methods and quickly deploy anti-theft measures. This additional investment, coupled with our other ongoing and proactive action, shows our commitment to supporting the authorities in having a tangible impact on combating this issue in the UK.


In addition to its direct support for operations against vehicle thieves, JLR is supporting UK authorities by sharing vehicle location and telematics data, that aids prosecution and vehicle recovery efforts. As part of this, JLR has trained more than 650 officers to assist the search of recovered stolen vehicles and seizure of the tools used.

Today’s announcement reflects JLR’s multifaceted strategy to tackle vehicle thefts and the impact on insurance premiums for its clients.

The latest generation of JLR vehicles is proving highly resilient to thefts: Police National Computer (PNC) data show since January 2022, only 0.2% of new Range Rover and new Range Rover Sports have been stolen, while only 0.3% of new Defenders have been affected since launch in 2020.

For clients of previous-generation vehicles, including those out of warranty, JLR has invested £15m to update vehicle security – giving them the highest possible levels of protection.

In October 2023, JLR introduced Jaguar Insurance and Land Rover Insurance, to help new and existing owners obtain competitive cover – in particular those clients looking for Range Rover insurance. It has already provided more than 46,300 quotes, with an average quote premium of £183 per month.


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