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With the 3 millionth vehicle produced at Tianjin manufacturing base, Great Wall Motors leads the future with intelligence

On December 20, the 3 millionth vehicle rolled off the production line at Great Wall Motors' Tianjin Manufacturing Base

On December 20, the 3 millionth vehicle rolled off the production line at Great Wall Motors’ Tianjin Manufacturing Base. Jin Xianghua, Deputy Director of TEDA- Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area Management Committee, Meng Xiangjun, Vice President of Great Wall Motors, Zhang Guoxin, General Manager of Tianjin HAVAL Branch of Great Wall Motors, leaders at all levels of TEDA and supplier representatives witnessed this historic moment.

Great Wall Motors’ Tianjin Manufacturing Base was settled in TEDA in 2009 and completed in August 2011. By the end of December this year, it only took 8 years and 4 months for Tianjin Manufacturing Base to produce 3 million vehicles, creating a total industrial output value of 320 billion yuan and profits and taxes of more than 56 billion yuan. It has become a model of high output and efficiency in Great Wall Motors and even domestic vehicle factories, demonstrating the high-quality development of auto industry in Tianjin.

Great Wall Motors’ Tianjin Manufacturing Base was located in TEDA and completed in August 2011. With a total investment of 12.67 billion yuan, the project has built an industry park with more than 16,000 employees, 500,000 vehicles, engines, transmissions, interior and exterior and other core components, logistics exports and living facilities, which is capable of producing six models such as H6, F7, F7X.

Since its launch, Tianjin Manufacturing Base has been committed to becoming a leading smart factory in China and even in the world focusing on the concept of “green, environmental protection, lean and efficient”. Based on this concept, Great Wall Motors’ Tianjin Manufacturing Base has made long-term investment in intelligence and digitalization, realizing intelligent manufacturing and operation management. While ensuring the rapid increase and release of production capacity, the factory continuously provides customers with cost-effective products.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, Great Wall Motors’ Tianjin Manufacturing Base has invested more than 1 billion yuan in four production workshops, namely stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. Among them, the stamping workshop adopts the international first-class mechanical arm and robot. The main welding line of the welding workshop introduces the most advanced professional welding robot with the automation rate of 100%. Three models can be produced at the same time, and the model can be changed in only 10 seconds. Based on the construction concept of green, efficient and intelligent, the coating and final assembly workshops have created an internationally leading production site, guaranteeing the quality of the vehicle.

In terms of intelligent operation management, Great Wall Motors’ Tianjin Manufacturing Base adopts the world’s most advanced SPS distribution method. With the help of accurate material dedicated delivery and advanced logistics indicator system and AGV distribution system, it ensures timely material delivery and reduces line inventory.

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