Reduce costs and maximize efficiency in MD and HD engines

FEV’s Satyum Joshi discusses a new system for medium- and heavy-duty engines, which combines turbo-compounding, electrification and supercharging

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In order to reduce fuel consumption, engine manufacturers are using advanced boosting systems, electrification and waste recovery technologies to downsize and downspeed engines.

FEV recently developed a new technology – the ITES system. This system integrates turbo-compounding, electrification and supercharging into one auxiliary component of a medium- or heavy-duty engine. The unit integrates a turbo-compound turbine, a centrifugal compressor and an electric motor-generator over a planetary gear set, and is mechanically connected to the engine crankshaft via a clutch.

This approach reduces cost and required space, and provides an increase in engine efficiency when compared to the independent integration of each of these technologies. FEV predicts up to 15% fuel economy improvement for a medium-duty truck on an FTP certification cycle with a downsized engine and the ITES system.

In this 60-minute webinar, Satyum Joshi, Senior Engineer of Commercial Engines at FEV, discusses the technical aspects of the ITES system and importance of developing fuel efficient components.