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14th November 1pm Stuttgart | 5:30pm Mumbai | 7am Detroit

Sensing solutions for efficient electric vehicles

Continental’s Ferenc Radi and Bertrand Varoquie present an innovative digital temperature sensor that can improve electric vehicle safety, performance, and sustainability.

8th November 11am Stuttgart | 3:30pm Mumbai | 5am Detroit

Demystifying the software-defined vehicle

Elektrobit’s Dr Moritz Neukirchner discusses how the industry is changing towards software-defined vehicles and what this means technologically and from a market perspective.

7th November 11am Stuttgart | 3:30pm Mumbai | 5am Detroit

Electrified commercial vehicles and lubricants

Adam Banks and David Thompson of Afton Chemical explain the diverging hardware options for eCVs, the resulting lubricant needs, and how the industry is addressing them.

6th November 5pm Stuttgart | 9:30pm Mumbai | 11am Detroit

eVTOL testing and analysis solutions for certification

HBK’s Mitchell Marks, Doug Lovelace, and Kurt Munson explain how to overcome eVTOL aircraft development challenges using tools to quantify and analyze flight data.

26th October 3pm Stuttgart | 6:30pm Mumbai | 9am Detroit

Evolution of interior materials for next-generation mobility

Experts from Dow MobilityScience™ explain how polyurethane and polyolefin materials are evolving to enable OEMs to design quality interior systems with enhanced sustainability.

24th October 4pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 10am Detroit

Turbocharging API security to combat car hacking

APIsec and Upstream Security experts provide unique insight into the latest high-profile API cyber attacks in the mobility ecosystem.

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