Overcoming challenges for AI-based perception systems in automated driving

Experts from Tata Elxsi & AEye introduce various approaches to perception systems, and address opportunities and challenges for AI-based perception models


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Automated driving calls for the seamless functioning of multiple sensor-based perception systems. Perception systems are crucial for the smooth and stable operation of an autonomous car. These systems are used to detect vehicles, humans and other objects around the vehicle using perception sensors such as multiple cameras, radars and LiDAR. A reliable perception system should be able to extract data from the external environment for proper planning and decision-making. There are various approaches to perceive the environment with associated challenges to be met.

This free hour-long Automotive World webinar introduces various approaches to available perception systems, and addresses the role of AI-based perception models and the associated challenges. Dr. Gopinath Selvaraj, Senior Technical Architect for Autonomous Driving at Tata Elxsi, explains how Tata Elxsi’s autonomous middleware platform and validation suites deal with these issues. Stephen Lambright, Vice President Marketing at AEye explains how LiDAR compliments as an effective perception system to fast track automated driving.