Optimising the human centric experience by improving ADAS performance

AVL's Erich Ramschak explains how the company’s technology is used for the calibration and testing of assisted driving features

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For the market success of assisted and autonomous driving systems, it is vital that ADAS features are calibrated in a way that drivers and passengers feel highly comfortable and safe. As such, the objective assessment of how a driver feels is a key enabler to high product quality and development efficiency for ADAS. Since time to market counts, the automotive industry also requires time saving approaches for the virtual validation of millions of test scenarios.

In this 60-minute webinar, Erich Ramschak, Senior Product Manager at AVL, discusses how AVL’s unique technology is applied for the calibration and testing of assisted driving features. Key topics of the discussion include:

    • the importance of driving quality during automated manoeuvres and its correlation to the perceived safety of human drivers
    • objective criteria, parameters and practical results of ADAS testing
    • how new aspects can be considered in the development of ADAS, from application on public roads, XiL and virtual testing environments
    • further time efficient validation approaches to transfer tests from roads to a simulated testing environment