Location intelligence unlocks a new level of automotive supply chain efficiency

HERE’s Peter Kueth and Alexander Osaki discuss how real-time data and location intelligence can optimize supply chain visibility and efficiency

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Manufacturers invest significant sums to plan, operate, and understand supply chains, but how much do they really know about their real-world context? Traffic and bad weather can soon derail even the best plans—so, how can they model supply chains in a way that enables them to respond proactively?

Using location intelligence, HERE Technologies can bring real-world context to your supply chain. With real-time data, we can provide the visibility needed to establish its real performance.

In this webinar, Peter Kueth and Alexander Osaki, product managers at HERE, discuss the multiple ways in which location intelligence can enhance operations when pre-integrated in the tools used in leading supply chain software systems.

Key talking points include:

  • How location intelligence can help you understand—and plan for—the impact of real-world conditions like weather or traffic
  • How HERE can provide real-time data on the actual health and performance of your supply chain to inform optimisation programs
  • How HERE helped one manufacturer identify millions in savings annually by adding location awareness to its supply chain planning