Hypervisors in the vehicle: A standards-based approach to virtualization

Experts from OpenSynergy and GENIVI discuss the benefits of standardization in the use of in-vehicle hypervisors

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Hypervisors and virtualization solutions are prevalent in IT and have found their way into many vertical industries.

Some hypervisor solutions are also being deployed in vehicle systems, but do these deployments allow the flexibility and interoperability that standards-based approaches typically offer for other software in the vehicle? Is there a need for a more standards-based approach for deploying hypervisors in the vehicle that has the potential to ensure that automotive requirements are met, to reduce risk and concerns among adopters of virtualization, promote portability, and to minimize system integration effort?

In this free, hour-long Automotive World webinar, participants will hear from Tero Salminen, Senior Director Product, Virtualization at OpenSynergy and GENIVI Technical Lead Gunnar Andersson.