How silicon carbide semiconductors can electrify the automotive powertrain

AVL’s Katharina Berberich and Kunal Goray discuss how the technology can be used in electrified powertrain applications, and the advantages it brings

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In recent years an increasing number of automotive manufacturers have looked at using silicon carbide (SiC) devices within powertrain applications. SiC technology has moved from a “maybe one day” option, to a tangible solution that can be leveraged today.

In this webinar, Katharina Berberich, a Senior Engineer responsible for Electronics Technology Roadmap and Kunal Goray, Team Leader Power Electronics Design at AVL SFR discuss:

  • Where SiC Powerswitches are used in automotive powertrain applications
  • How they compare to classic Silicon Switches (IGBTs and Si Mosfets) and the wide bandgap GaN switches
  • Their advantages at both a component and system level

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