How does swarm based open architecture approach shape the future of mobility

Elektrobit’s Sambit Patnaik discusses how swarm based open architecture software will be vital in creating a future of shared, intelligent, future proof and connected vehicle


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The future of mobility is going to be much easier, more flexible and user-oriented. The vehicles of the future are likely to be used on-demand, as shared ownership with personalized experience.

Given the wide range of vehicles required today and the rate at which mobility needs are changing, catering for future demand in a timely and efficient manner requires scalable, secure and personalized in-vehicle software.

Customisation is key, with the ability to easily add, upgrade and swap components and software likely to play a huge role in ensuring future mobility platforms and vehicles operate seamlessly and as expected. As such, realising this future could rest on adopting an open approach to vehicle software architecture.

In this 60-minute webinar, Sambit Patnaik, Technical Architect at Elektrobit (EB), will discuss how Swarm-based open architecture for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems takes the industry one step closer to this modular and scalable mobility future.