How automotive suppliers can help automakers monetize data-driven products

Suppliers can help cars do what cell phones can’t. Join ZF to learn how to capitalize on consumer and vehicle data to improve the user experience


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Data-driven intelligent products are rapidly becoming a distinguishing characteristic for automotive brands, but this has yet to be truly realized as a source of income as well as a tool to enable a better consumer experience.

In this free, 60-minute Automotive World webinar, Gahl Berkooz, vice president of Data, Analytics, and Monetization at ZF, will discuss how ZF’s Data Monetization Ecosystem can help improve consumers’ mobility experience and automaker profits by doing what cell phones can’t; how predictive maintenance can identify a problem before it happens; and automotive data applications that can facilitate in-car delivery and autonomous fuelling when vehicles can drive themselves.

ZF is working on these and more capabilities today and can offer automakers the technology and scale to compete. What do you wish your car could do for you that it can’t today?