Fuel cell cars – the Holy Grail for future mobility or just a placebo?

Gernot Hacker and Falko Berg of AVL discuss the potential benefits fuel cells can offer for low-emission mobility

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Considering the vast range of alternative powertrains that are being developed today, the role of the fuel cell electric vehicle is coming into question. Is it a viable competitor to other zero emission alternatives such as battery electric vehicles, or will it fail to grab hold of the market?

To better understand this, AVL is developing proton-exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cell-based systems for applications in passenger cars. With the demonstrator vehicle that AVL is developing together with a range of partners, the PEM fuel cell system will be integrated to demonstrate its range, stability and safety. In order to monitor the control strategy of the stack, experts are using AVL THDA as a unique tool.

In this 60-minute webinar, AVL’s Gernot Hacker and Falko Berg demonstrate the potential benefits fuel cells offer for low-emission mobility in various applications.

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