Fuel cell: a sustainable clean solution for long haul commercial vehicles

Experts from Ricardo discuss the opportunities and challenges of fuel cell technology for heavy duty commercial vehicles

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In Europe, heavy duty trucks will need to contribute towards a carbon dioxide reduction of 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2030 in respect of the 2019 level. Decarbonising long haul trucks will require a sustainable and holistic long-term approach based on hybrid electric powertrains, use of renewable liquid fuels, and electric vehicles.

In this free 60-minute Automotive World webinar, Ricardo’s Andrea Trevisan, Chief Engineer, Commercial Vehicles and Dr Cedric Rouaud, Global Technical Expert – Thermal Systems, will discuss why fuel cell technology is a viable technical solution for the long haul transport sector, giving around 20% better total cost of ownership than a fully electric truck; the various powertrains for heavy duty trucks and their sustainability; and an overview of the current best practice in fuel cell technology, highlighting their pros and cons for automotive applications.

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