Finding the optimal vehicle transmission for the future using virtual design

Experts from Ricardo share a live demonstration of Ricardo’s enhanced transmission design toolset, and outline a real-world application for a hybrid driveline

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As the global vehicle market continues to shift to electrified and hybrid vehicles, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) signatures of transmission systems are becoming increasingly prominent for customer satisfaction and approval of new technologies.

In the development of new hybridised powertrains, vehicle manufacturers are now faced with a very wide range of potential solutions. Ricardo has developed a process to guide the decision-making and reduce the development risk, in a short time, considering both hybrid and transmission architectures to achieve the requirements. Ricardo’s proven software toolset in the design of transmissions has been enhanced to enable dynamic analysis of complex transmissions for the future.

During this free, one hour Automotive World webinar, Ricardo’s James Packer, Principal Engineer, and Jonathan Plail, Principal Engineer share a live demonstration of this enhanced toolset from design through to NVH, and outline a real-world application of the toolset for a hybrid driveline. Delegates will experience how Ricardo’s approach not only accelerates development timelines through enhanced upfront virtual engineering processes, but reduces risk through use of a digital twin as a predictive virtual physical model driving cost-savings, performance and efficiency benefits throughout the entire development process.