Enabling automotive Ethernet network connectivity for virtual machines

Elektrobit’s Helmut Gepp discusses how Virtual Switch can extend the functionality of a hypervisor for Ethernet to enable communication between virtual machines and other features


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Connecting an electronic control unit (ECU) to the Automotive Ethernet network was once a straightforward task, but with the introduction of high-performance ECUs, the situation changed.

Multiple operating systems are now executed in virtual machines independently from each other. This provides a clear separation and allows the execution of different operating systems—such as a Linux-based Adaptive AUTOSAR OS and a Classic AUTOSAR OS—to operate in parallel on a single ECU.

In this 60-minute webinar, Elektrobit’s Helmut Gepp describes how these virtual machines (VMs) are connected to the Automotive Ethernet, and looks at the different hardware options of Ethernet network connection.

Gepp also takes a look at the Virtual Switch, a software layer that will be introduced to expand the functionality of a hypervisor for Ethernet. He explains how the optimisation of latency and data throughput, as well as the fulfilment of safety and security requirements, are of paramount importance and key performance indicators (KPI) of each Virtual Switch implementation.