Cut emissions by 40% with AVL CAMEO 4™

AVL’s Mats Ivarson and Helmut Grassberger discuss how to improve powertrain testing results through online modelling

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Electronic Control Unit (ECU) calibration is a major task in modern powertrain development. Despite an increasing vehicle complexity, new emission legislations and hybridization the time and money invested in calibration tasks must be reduced.

AVL’s CAMEO 4™ offers a complete solution for powertrain testing and optimisation demanded by current legislations, including the real driving emissions (RDE) test procedure.

In this 60-minute webinar, Mats Ivarson, Product Manager of AVL CAMEO™ and Helmut Grassberger, Application Support Engineer of AVL CAMEO™ discuss how test results can be improved in less time through online modelling and optimisation with Active DoE, and how to reach more than 40% emissions reduction.

Other topics of discussion include standardised tests for optimum utilisation in the test facility, and enhanced usability for fast parametrisation and execution of tasks.

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