The future of mobility in Las Vegas

Automotive World presents a special report on the evolution of mobility services in Las Vegas

Special report: The future of mobility in Las Vegas

This exclusive Automotive World special report provides insight from a variety of stakeholders involved in shaping the future of transportation in the heavily car-dependent city of Las Vegas.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Mobility in Las Vegas is the luck of the draw
  • Tourism poses serious challenge for public transport in Vegas
  • What Vegas learned from the Smart City Challenge
  • Las Vegas offers unique demographics for AV consumer trials
  • The Vegas autonomous shuttle converts sceptics into supporters
  • What happens in Vegas…could help shape shared mobility
  • From safety to traffic management, connectivity keeps Vegas moving
  • Nevada CAM takes a bet on Vegas traffic
  • How the diesel scandal is helping to electrify Nevada
  • How CES, tourists and good weather turned Vegas into the ideal test bed

Special report: The future of mobility in Las Vegas’ features an exclusive article by Anil Valsan, Lead Analyst, Automotive & Transportation at EY, as well as exclusive insight from key stakeholders, including:

  • Marc Gaffan, Chief Business Officer, Nexar
  • Christopher Barker, Vice President, New Mobility, Communications and Marketing, Keolis
  • Tina Quigley, General Manager, Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada
  • Joanna Wadsworth, Information Technologies Programme Manager, City of Las Vegas
  • Yacob Girma, Las Vegas General Manager, Lyft
  • Marcus Welz, Chief Executive, Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Dan Langford, Innovation Director, Nevada CAM
  • Mark Brady, Energy Programmes Manager, Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy