The car factory of the future

Automotive World presents a special report on the future of vehicle manufacturing

Special report: The car factory of the future

Stakeholders from across the automotive industry share exclusive insight into the likely impact of smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, connectivity, automation, electrification, 3D printing and additive manufacturing on car production, and how these trends will alter and reshape the way vehicles are manufactured.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Is the lights-out car factory a realistic scenario?
  • Developing the car factory of the future – evolution, not revolution
  • How electrification will transform vehicle manufacturing
  • Industry clean-up extends to manufacturing operations
  • ZF tackles future manufacturing from both inside and outside the plant
  • A clear work plan and flexibility are the keys to unlocking Industry 4.0
  • Artificial intelligence will take human-robot collaboration to the next level
  • The factory of the future – more than just an automated assembly hall
  • Industry 4.0 is coming, but it needs humans to make it possible
  • The factory of the future will be adaptable, connected and efficient

‘Special report: The car factory of the future’ features an exclusive article by Daniel Küpper, Kristian Kuhlmann, Christoph Sieben and Andreas Maue from The Boston Consulting Group, as well as exclusive insight from:

  • Nick Gill, Chair of the Automotive Council, Capgemini
  • Stefan Assmann, Head of Connected Industry, Robert Bosch
  • Massimo Ippolito, Innovation Manager, Comau
  • Dave Lauzun, Vice President, Automotive and Transportation Strategy, Siemens PLM
  • Todd Bengtsson, Director, Manufacturing Business Group, Siemens PLM
  • Werner Balandat, Head of Production Management, ZF
  • Alexander Banerjee, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Project Leader, ZF
  • Thomas Roesch, Managing Director, Openmatics
  • Dr Rory Sullivan, Chief Technical Advisor to the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI)