Aluminium’s place in the auto industry

Automotive World’s report on the role of aluminium in the auto industry includes interviews with LEVC, Constellium, Magna, Novelis, McKinsey and Aluminum Transportation Group

Special report: Aluminium's place in the auto industry

Automotive World’s report on aluminium’s place in the automotive industry is built around exclusive interviews with aluminium industry experts and leading automotive industry stakeholders.

With tightening emissions regulations and ever-stricter fuel economy requirements, the need to reduce vehicle mass has never been greater. Carbon fibre remains out of reach for most OEMs, who need to look to more traditional materials for their lightweighting strategies. Miniaturisation, clever component design and increasingly attractive advanced high strength steels feature high on vehicle manufacturer priority lists. Crucially, however, the role played by aluminium is growing in importance.

This Automotive World special report examines the immediate and longer-term prospects for aluminium in the global automotive industry, including long-term business case considerations and the more immediate challenge of global tariff and trade uncertainty.

In this report:

  • Aluminium growth expected over mid-term, but long-term picture unclear
  • Sports-car grade material science enables new energy vehicle taxis
  • Trump’s tariff threats create uncertainty for auto aluminium
  • Aluminium’s mass-market EV opportunities not clear-cut
  • North American auto aluminium market growing faster than ever
  • Super strength aluminium alloys for future automotive lightweighting
  • Ramping up the pressure: why OEMs are turning to aluminium castings
  • Interview: Michael Hahne, VP Automotive, Novelis Europe
  • Recycling gives aluminium the life-cycle advantage, argues industry
  • Everything in its right place: Top trends in automotive aluminium

‘Special report: Aluminium’s place in the auto industry’ features strategic analysis by Benjamin Dirkse, Senior Management Consultant, Frost & Sullivan, and exclusive interviews with:

  • Mario Greco, Chairman, Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group (ATG)
  • Chris Staunton, Chief Engineer of Structures, London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC)
  • Mauro Erriquez, Partner, McKinsey
  • Stephan Fuchs, Product Development Expert, McKinsey
  • Paul Warton, President for Automotive Structures and Industry, Constellium
  • Peter Basten, President for Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products, Constellium
  • Don Maahs, Global Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Magna Cosma
  • Del Matharoo, Global Vice President, Engineering and R&D, Magna Cosma
  • Michael Hahne, VP Automotive, Novelis Europe