Dr. Irene Feige, Head of the Institute for Mobility Research of BMW Group

Irene Feige heads the Institute for Mobility Research in Munich. It is part of BMW Group’s corporate strategy and thus strategic advisor in all relevant medium to long term future challenges with regards to mobility and transport. The institute’s Board is staffed with high ranking members from Airbus Group, Deutsche Bahn, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Lufthansa, MAN, Siemens, as well as representatives from European Commission and different scientific organisations.

Irene Feige, Head of the Institute for Mobility Research, BMW Group
Dr. Irene Feige, Head of the Institute for Mobility Research, BMW Group

The institute’s role in providing independent strategic input and looking across all modes of transport with a longterm horizon is unique in the industry. Thus, transportation is seen as an integrated system with strong interlinkages between the different modes, stakeholders and transport services offerings. Future scenarios for the development of transportation are an important product of the institute.

In her role within the institute Irene’s stakeholder network is very diverse and international and includes representatives from major cities reframing urban transportation like Singapore or London, municipal transportation authorities, startup companies and major incumbents. The institute’s research takes a global perspective.

Irene has worked in BMW Group in positions that center around communication and stakeholder management in Berlin, within corporate strategy she has worked on digitalization projects, on corporate foresight, on customer insight and on economic and regulatory framework conditions.

Before joining BMW Group in 2006 she has been working as associate professor at university of Innsbruck, Austria in macroeconomics and public finance.

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