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USA’s New Vehicle Market: Prospects To 2017

USA’s New Vehicle Market: Prospects To 2017

Whilst the clouds darken over Europe’s automotive industry, the future looks ever brighter for the US light vehicle market. A strong performance in 2012 is expected to be followed by further growth in 2013 and beyond.

New light vehicle (LV) registrations rose to 14.3 million units in 2012. A further increase in LV demand is forecast for 2013, reflecting strong replacement demand, amongst other factors; beyond 2013, continued growth is expected to see the market reach a cyclical peak late in the forecast period, representing a run of unprecedented growth (at least in the past 30 years) for the US LV market.

The US heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) market (>3,500kg) began its recovery in 2010 with an almost 9% rise from the 26-year low of 222,500 units recorded in 2009. Despite a loss of momentum in 2012, growth has continued, with Class 8 trucks leading the recovery. However, a resurgence of the Class 4-7 sector is expected in the coming years, with a cyclical peak in the combined HCV sector anticipated in 2015.

Combined annual LV and HCV sales, according to the forecast, will reach a cyclical peak of almost 17 million units in 2016.

Full detail and analysis is provided in this three-part report, which also provides:

  • Socio-political and macro-economic data, as well as historic overview of the country and a summary of the country’s vehicle market;
  • Examination of the passenger and commercial vehicle markets in 2012, with insight into the prospects for these markets;
  • Historical data from 2007, with a forecast to 2017.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Country Profile
Socio-political data
Macro-economic data
Economic outlook & overview
Consumer Confidence Index and Purchasing Managers’ Index
Automotive sector and transport overview
USA’s vehicle parc
Light vehicles
Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Chapter 2: USA’s light vehicle market
USA’s LV market in 2012
Market shares and best-selling brands/models
Segments and top-selling models
Top-30 LV models
Light vehicle market forecasts
Brand performance

Chapter 3: USA’s heavy commercial vehicle market
Market characteristics
The market in 2012
Heavy commercial vehicle market forecasts

Appendix 1: Definitions
Appendix 2: Forecasting passenger cars – methodology
Appendix 3: Forecasting CVs – methodology
Appendix 4: Data

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