Strategy update: BMW Group – 2019 edition

The latest automaker strategy report by Automotive World discusses the prospects for the BMW Group over the next five years

Strategy update: BMW Group – 2019 edition

In 2018, BMW Group’s worldwide car sales rose by over 1% to almost 2.5 million units, while output rose by nearly 1.5%, to over 2.5 million units—both records for the eighth consecutive year.

At IAA Cars 2019, the bi-annual Frankfurt motor show, BMW’s focus is on future driving pleasure, and the company refers to its recipe for success as D+ACES: Design, Automated driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services. D+ACES will influence BMW Group’s model range and corporate strategy as it develops a new generation of vehicles on platforms flexible enough to accommodate a range of propulsion options, ready to meet the challenges of future mobility.

Crucially, new Chief Executive Oliver Zipse is fully signed up to the flexibility philosophy, notes Jonathan Storey, author of a new Automotive World report on the BMW Group. ‘While Zipse’s experience as head of production bodes well for this component of BMW’s strategy, he needs also to establish and implement clear plans for the development of software and services like car-sharing.”

Automotive World’s report, ‘Strategy update: BMW Group – 2019 edition’ discusses the automaker’s prospects over the five years to 2023. The report anticipates output in 2019 to dip due to adverse global economic conditions, and then begin to rise, peaking at over 2.8 million units by the end of the forecast period.

Table of contents

    • Executive summary
    • Chapter 1: Company overview
    • Chapter 2: Sales, product development and brand strategy
    • Chapter 3: Production
    • Appendix (Excel)
      • BMW Group vehicle future model plans
      • BMW Group vehicle production by brand and model (2014-2018)
      • BMW Group vehicle production forecasts by brand and model (2019-2023)