Special report: The future of mobility in Singapore

Automotive World explores Singapore’s approach to the future of mobility

Special report: The future of mobility in Singapore

An island-nation, the Republic of Singapore’s location just south of the Malay Peninsular gives it natural geofencing, something which is of great significance to the city-state’s development of future mobility technology and business models. Due to space restrictions and a rapidly growing population, the city-state is working hard to limit or reduce vehicle ownership. As a result, Singaporeans are open to transport and mobility innovation, and there is a wide acceptance of the need for shared mobility.

The city’s residents are also very open to the idea of autonomous vehicles, with a significant number of AV test programmes operating across Singapore.

The ‘Lion City’ is considered by management consultancy Arthur D. Little to be ‘the showcase for the future of urban mobility’, a view widely held by those approached for this Automotive World special report.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Study winner: Singapore leads in development of urban mobility
  • Singapore: A world leading smart city embracing the future of mobility
  • Hopes high of breaking the AV glass ceiling in Singapore
  • Singapore’s vision of the future is more AV than EV
  • Singapore’s electric conundrum – increase EV sales, reduce ownership
  • Can Singapore maintain its position as a world leader in connectivity?
  • In the Lion City, travel priorities merge on MaaS
  • Singapore is where small start-ups can become big disruptors
  • AV testing thrives in Singapore – but only on the city-state’s terms
  • Good public transport pivotal to limiting Singapore’s vehicle parc

‘Special report: The future of mobility in Singapore’ includes exclusive insight from:

  • ABI Research
  • Arthur D. Little
  • AI
  • CMS Holborn Asia
  • Continental
  • Cubic Transportation Systems
  • Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Greenlots
  • Hyundai
  • Ipsos Business Consulting
  • Solidiance