Special report: M:bility | California – key takeaways

M:bility | California is a two-day event designed by Automotive World to help stakeholders understand the future of mobility

Special report: M:bility | California – key takeaways

The automotive industry faces a growing number of challenges as it prepares for a new era of mobility. Autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, artificial intelligence, data and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) all play a key role in the changes taking place across the automotive industry.

These themes and more ran throughout M:bility | California, a two-day event designed by Automotive World to help stakeholders from the automotive industry, mobility sector and transportation providers understand the future of mobility.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Silicon Valley: on a mission to change the future of mobility
  • Consumers must be kept in the loop with public AV testing
  • COMMENT: Are these the four S words of future mobility?
  • Does the connected car pose a threat to a connected life?
  • Is the auto industry prepared for the future of mobility?
  • Poised and prepared: proactive sensor cleaning is a must
  • What role will AI play in the cockpit of the future?
  • Can Luxembourg become a future mobility tech hub?