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Special report: Light vehicle safety

Special report: Light vehicle (LV) safety

Light vehicle safety has improved significantly since the introduction of active safety technology. Now those same sensors are being used to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and ultimately, autonomous drive technology. Passive safety, though, remains an essential aspect of vehicle design, with further improvements to come as new and better materials become commercially viable. This exclusive Automotive World report looks at light vehicle safety through the eyes of key automotive industry stakeholders.

In this report:

  • OEMs must seize upon advances in global auto safety tech
  • Autonomous driving is the key to zero fatalities, says Volvo
  • Interview: John Capp, Director, Global Safety Strategy and Vehicle Programmes, General Motors
  • Not-so-heavy metal: steel industry targets thinner, stronger product
  • In the countdown to Vision Zero, ADAS alone is not enough
  • The race is on to build better, cheaper ADAS enablers
  • Versatile and cheap, cameras are a vital automotive safety sensor
  • Eyeball tracking essential for the ‘crash-proof vehicle’
  • Role for lighting in car safety greater than ever
  • Adaptive occupant safety to play vital role in the car of the future

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