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Special report: Japan’s auto industry

 Special report: Japan’s auto industry

2020 holds great significance for Japan’s auto industry. The Olympic Games is expected to be used as a platform for autonomous drive technology, and has been touted as such by the country’s leadership. Even before then, however, OEMs and suppliers need to meet a rapidly evolving market. This Automotive World special report examines key factors shaping Japan’s light vehicle and truck sectors.

In this report:

  • Japan’s three-pronged approach to the auto industry
  • Taxes front and centre in Japan’s passenger car market outlook
  • Japan’s truck sector on slow but steady trajectory
  • Japan’s car market is changing, but Mazda sees room for zoom-zoom
  • Tokyo 2020 could be a ‘showcase’ for autonomous drive tech
  • ACEA stands firm as EU-Japan FTA talks accelerate
  • Kei cars remain a crucial option for Japan, says Honda
  • Volvo’s UD on trucks the world needs today (and Japan needs tomorrow)
  • ADAS suppliers to play key role in tackling Japan’s age challenge
  • Japan’s non-tariff barriers: a problem or a myth?

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