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Special report: Electric vehicles

 Special report: Electric vehicles

Despite decades of electric vehicle development, only now does mainstream adoption of EVs appear likely. Thanks to a combination of regulatory pressure, technological advancements, consumer awareness and desirable products, electrified vehicles have secured their place on buyers’ consideration lists.

This Automotive World special report provides insight into vehicle electrification from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other major EV industry players.

In this report:

  • EVs and the auto industry: Why electrifying existing fleets is not enough
  • Cool cables could make EV charging as fast as ICE refuelling
  • The race is on to extend EV offering via ‘charging on-the-go’
  • Hybrid SUVs a ‘natural progression’ for the brand, says Mitsubishi
  • Remove barriers to adoption to boost EV market, says network supplier
  • All eyes on China as it asserts EV dominance
  • Long-distance BEVs require a balanced approach
  • Convenience, dynamics and desire – Renault’s vision for mass market EVs
  • Power grids prepare for potential EV surge
  • Tech, business innovations push plug-ins towards mass-adoption

‘Special report: Electric vehicles features industry overviews by Axel Schmidt, MD and Global Lead of Accenture’s automotive practice, and Yuan-Sheng Yu, Senior Analyst, Energy Transition, at Lux Research, and exclusive interviews with:

  • Max Göldi, LF Market Manager, Huber+Suhner
  • Mike Wallace, General Manager, Emerging Technologies, Qualcomm
  • Virginie Maillard, Research Director, Renault Groupe
  • Luc Marbach, Chief Executive, Vedecom
  • Dean Asplin, Product Planning Manager, Mitsubishi
  • David Martell, Chief Executive, Chargemaster
  • Wolfgang Bernhart, Senior Partner, Automotive, Roland Berger
  • Wenzel Prochazka, Product Manager, Global Battery Competence Team, AVL
  • Remi Bastien, Vice President, Automotive Prospective, Renault Group

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