Special report: Auto industry edges closer to autonomy

Automotive World talks to experts at leading OEMs and suppliers about the latest developments in autonomous vehicle technology

Special report: Auto industry edges closer to autonomy

The trend towards autonomy may be near-universal, but the approaches to it are not, and whilst some OEMs are targeting the early 2020s, other have indicated a phased approach, with increasing degrees of autonomy from 2020 through to 2030. Now, however, some of the Tier 1s claim they can have the technology ready even sooner.

The pace of technological development is such that autonomous drive technology is inevitable. What happens with those cars, where we see them, who will operate them, where, and when – these are all questions that are yet to be answered.

In this report:

  • For AV developers, it’s all about the UX factor
  • New US administration, new hands-off approach to AVs?
  • Rolling laboratories vital for autonomy, says Renault
  • Kia sees partnerships as vital for successful AV development
  • Humans – the greatest challenge for autonomous vehicles?
  • Interview: Dennis Nobelius, Chief Executive, Zenuity
  • Addressing the interior experience essential for driverless cars
  • Ageing in-car infrastructure needs revamp for autonomy
  • Could new 4D radar tech be a game changer for AVs?
  • Without cyber security, could AVs become lethal weapons?

‘Special report: Autonomous cars’ features a contribution by Chris Rockwell, Chief Executive, Lextant, and exclusive interviews with:

  • Ian Graig, Chief Executive, Global Policy Group
  • Mathieu Lips, Programme Director, Symbioz, Renault
  • Henry Bzeih, Managing Director of Connected and Mobility Services, Kia Motors America
  • Jada Tapley, VP-Advanced Engineering and External Affairs, Aptiv
  • Dennis Nobelius, Chief Executive, Zenuity
  • Richard Chung, VP Innovation & Design, Adient
  • Micha Risling, Senior Vice President, Head of Automotive, Valens
  • Boris Shulkin, VP R&D, Magna International
  • David Barzilai, Chief Executive, Karamba Security