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Special report: Advances in automotive HMI

Special report - Advances in automotive HMI

From switches and dials to touchscreens and beyond, the way we communicate with our cars is changing. As we head towards autonomous driving, there’s a growing need for failsafe two-way communication between car and driver, enabling the car to take over or relinquish driving control. Not only will vehicle occupants need to communicate with their car: pedestrians and autonomous vehicles will also need to understand each other. This special report provides OEM, supplier and auto industry stakeholder commentary on the evolution of the HMI from human-machine interface to human-machine interaction.

In this report:

  • Daimler puts safety first for future HMI
  • Nikola Motor’s supercomputer to revolutionise truck HMI
  • HMI pivotal to consumer reception of autonomy
  • OEMs make the move toward flexible HMI
  • Heads up – old approaches allow new advances in HMI
  • Biometrics take in-car touchscreens to the next level
  • Augmented reality a ‘key enabler’ for self-driving tech acceptance
  • Confusing semi-autonomous HMI is a life or death issue
  • Let’s communicate: How to operate in harmony with automated vehicles
  • Autonomous revolution, HMI evolution: ‘Drastic’ changes demand respect

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