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Special report: ACE trucks (autonomous, connected, electrified)

Special report: ACE trucks - autonomous, connected, electrified

The future of trucking is ACE – autonomous, connected and electric. This Automotive World special report explores the development of major powertrain and electronic developments facing the truck industry, including legislation, regulations, subsidies and incentives for ACE truck technology.

This Automotive World special report presents truck industry stakeholders’ views on the role of automation, connectivity and electrification in the development of future commercial vehicles.

In this report:

  • Autonomous trucks – arriving soon on an Autobahn near you?
  • HD AV development in North America: it’s commercial, not regulatory
  • Could autonomous trucks solve Japan’s driver shortage problem?
  • Brazil and India: connected truck trending, but apathy for autonomy
  • Europe’s market for electric CVs – driven by economics, not just regulations
  • Long distances, opaque regulators: no easy ride for US truck electrification
  • Electric trucks in Japan – a tale of tests and trials
  • The world of electric CVs, from a BRICS perspective
  • Europe tackles truck highway emissions as cities go emissions-free
  • Truck platooning – the cutting edge of autonomy and connectivity

‘Special report: ACE trucks (autonomous, connected, electrified)’ features exclusive interviews with:

  • Mike Ramsey, Research Director, Gartner
  • Steve Tam, Vice President, Commercial Vehicles, ACT Research    
  • Satoshi Komiya, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Anil Valsan, Global Automotive & Transportation Lead Analyst, EY
  • Chandramowli Kailasam, Industry Analyst – Global Commercial Vehicles Team, Frost & Sullivan
  • Ben Sharpe, Senior Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
  • Chris Mather, Head of Behaviour Change, Transport for London (TfL)
  • Orlando Merluzzi, Chief Executive, MA8 Management Consulting Group
  • David Alexander, Managing Director, Truck Technology Ltd
  • Clay Slaughter, Senior Analyst, FTR Transportation Intelligence

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