Brazil’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2025 and beyond

Automotive World looks at Brazil's new vehicle market over the five years to 2025, and the potential for next-generation mobility

Brazil's new vehicle market: prospects to 2025 and beyond

In this report, Automotive World first explores the near-term outlook for light and heavy vehicles, with commentary on the economic situation in which Brazil’s automakers and suppliers are currently operating, and a closer look at the light vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle sectors.

The second section of the report, ‘Future mobility in Brazil—the industry perspective’ examines the issues facing companies seeking to transform mobility and transportation in Brazil.

Table of contents

List of figures

  • Figure 1: Changes in GDP and LV demand, Brazil, 2005-2020
  • Figure 2: Brazilian LV demand 1980-2020
  • Figure 3: Vehicle ownership (LV+HV) and GDP per capita, Brazil and various markets
  • Figure 4: LV sales per 1,000 people, Brazil and various markets, 2020
  • Figure 5: Brazilian vehicle tax rates (%) in 2020
  • Figure 6: Top-50 models 2020 (000s)
  • Figure 7: Brazilian LV demand, 1980-2025 (000s)
  • Figure 8: Brazilian HV demand 1980-2020
  • Figure 9: Brazilian HV demand change & GDP growth, 1981-2020
  • Figure 10: Heavy truck sales as proportion of total truck sales, 2001-20
  • Figure 11: Brazil HV sales by segment, 2014-20
  • Figure 12: Brazil, HV market share by brand, 2020 (%)
  • Figure 13: Brazilian HV demand, 1980-2025 (000s)

Executive summary

Chapter 1: Brazil’s new vehicle market – prospects to 2025

  • Economic outlook
  • Recent light vehicle demand
  • Market characteristics
  • Market shares
  • Outlook for LV demand
  • Recent heavy vehicle (HV) demand & market characteristics
  • HV market shares
  • Outlook for HV demand

Chapter 2: Future mobility in Brazil – the industry perspective

Appendix (Excel)

  • Historic vehicle sales by OEM group and brand (2016-2020)
  • Vehicle sales forecasts by OEM group and brand (2021-2025)