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France’s New Vehicle Market: Prospects To 2017

France new vehicle market prospects to 2017

The French light vehicle market is dominated by the three major indigenous brands, Citroen, Peugeot and Renault, though their combined share has fallen from 60%-plus in the early 1990s to under 50% in 2012. Nonetheless, in 2012, Renault (including Dacia) accounted for nine of the Top-30 selling light vehicles, and PSA Peugeot Citroen occupied 14 slots.

2012 was a tough year for the French LV market, ending almost 13% down on 2011. It was a bad year for the French HCV market, which went into reverse in 2012 after showing signs of recovery in 2011. Over the full year, sales fell by almost 8%, including a decline of almost 11% in bus sales.

The French government is currently projecting growth of 0.8% in 2013, but independent bodies are forecasting a rate of growth less than half this figure. Given this outlook, the forecast is for a further decline in LV demand in 2013, although recent model renewals and all-new model launches are likely to see the domestics outperform the market.

With further decline also forecast for the HCV market, France’s total vehicle market is expected to drop by just over 7% in 2013, but a recovery is anticipated by the end of the forecast period.

Full detail and analysis is provided in this three-part report, which also provides:

  • Socio-political and macro-economic data, as well as historic overview of the country and a summary of the country’s vehicle market;
  • Examination of the passenger and commercial vehicle markets in 2012, with insight into the prospects for these markets;
  • Historical data from 2007, with a forecast to 2017.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Country Profile
Socio-political data
Macro-economic data
Economic outlook & overview
Economic outlook
Automotive sector & transport overview
Frace’s vehicle parc
Passenger cars
Commercial Vehicles

Chapter 2: France’s light vehicle market
Regional context
France’s LV market in 2012
Market shares and best-selling brands/models
Segments and top-selling models
Light vehicle market forecasts
Brand performance

Chapter 3: France’s heavy commercial vehicle market
Market characteristics
The market in 2012
Truck market shares
Heavy commercial vehicle market forecasts

Appendix 1: Definitions
Appendix 2: Forecasting passenger cars – methodology
Appendix 3: Forecasting CVs – methodology
Appendix 4: Data

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