China’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2024 and beyond

Automotive World looks at China’s new vehicle market over the five years to 2024, and the way the country is approaching next-generation mobility

China’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2024

A new Automotive World report looks at the prospects for the light vehicle (LV) and heavy commercial vehicle (HV) sectors in China in the period 2020 to 2024, and how mobility is likely to evolve in the country over the longer term.

The staggering evolution of transportation in China in the last three decades has seen the country become a leading player in all modes of transportation. Coupled with China’s leadership in telecoms and the population’s propensity for connected services, the country is set to become a leader in next-generation mobility.

In this report, Automotive World first explores the near-term outlook for light and heavy vehicles, with commentary on the economic situation in which the automakers and suppliers are currently operating, and a closer look at the light vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle sectors.

The second section of the report, ‘Future mobility in China—the industry perspective’ presents exclusive insight from leading players in the evolution of mobility in China, addressing topics such as electrification, micromobility, autonomous drive technology and the high-speed connectivity that will support the rollout of future mobility services in China. Companies featured in this report include Aiways, AutoX, BP Advanced Mobility, Byton, Proterra, TuSimple and Xpeng Motors, with additional insight from ABI Research, Sino Auto Insights, Vision Mobility and YCP Solidiance.

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China is the latest market to be covered in Automotive World’s five-year market outlook series.