Zonar and SRM Tech partner to expand telematics-enabled insights to more fleets

Partnership to provide actionable data analytics, improve vehicle uptime, and drive aftermarket part sales

Zonar, the leader in smart fleet technology, today announced a strategic alliance with SRM Tech, a global leader in providing next-generation technology and digital transformation services. The partnership will add AI and predictive analytics capabilities to light-duty fleets’ telematics, enabling actionable data analytics for improved vehicle uptime and increased aftermarket part sales.

Using an AI-driven framework, SRM Tech integrations allow aftermarket part suppliers to streamline operations to better serve their customers’ uptime needs while monetizing existing aftermarket parts inventories more effectively. With predictive data analysis, suppliers can now anticipate what part is needed at the right time.

The integration leverages data pulled from the Zonar LD™, its light-duty telematics control unit (TCU), developed in conjunction with its parent company Continental, a leading technology provider. The easy-to-use and plug-and-play Zonar LD transmits light-duty vehicle data and diagnostics codes, improving vehicle performance, efficiency, and security. This transmission provides the ideal point of integration for SRM Tech to capture meaningful fault data for suppliers to support their customers predictively.

“Giving light-duty fleets predictive insights that identify specific needs for the best time, place, and parts for service, as opposed to an arbitrary moment in time, is extremely impactful on overall uptime and profitability. Gone are the days of oil changes being driven by subjective metrics such as only a mileage reading,” said Mike Byington, vice president and general manager of Aftermarket and OEM Solutions at Zonar. “By partnering with SRM Tech, we’ll further enable fleets with a premium customer experience and dramatically increase uptimes with proactive notifications that allow time to act before potential breakdowns.”

“This partnership exemplifies our core philosophy, ideas@work, enabling predictive analytics and AI to take telematics to the next level in value,” added Anand Kashyap, chief executive officer at SRM Tech. “We aim to help further Zonar’s mission of enhancing the safety, performance, and success of its customers by transforming the delivery of innovative insights for commercial fleets around the world. By extending new services to thousands of fleets, we will be accounting for millions of vehicles, helping to ensure compliance, improve fuel and operational efficiency, and make use of predictive scheduling of parts and services with advanced IoT, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.”


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