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World EV Day: Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé makes its debut

As part of World EV Day, the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé celebrates its European premiere and is shown in first teaser images.

Shanghai/Munich, September 09, 2022 – As part of World EV Day, the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé celebrates its European premiere and is shown in first teaser images. As the second model based on the all-electric MAS platform, its dynamic design is tailored to customers who value lifestyle and emotion.

In its home market, Aiways, a provider of individual mobility solutions based in Shanghai, has already officially presented the U6 SUV-Coupé to the media and very successfully launched it for pre-sales. The market launch for the European models is now imminent. The first engineering vehicles have already arrived at the Overseas Headquarters in Munich for final tests and will be shown for the first time in four teaser images at the World EV Day on September 09.

Dynamic and emotional: the new design language

The Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé is the second model on the highly modular all-electric MAS (More Adaptable Structure) platform developed by Aiways itself. The new model combines the lifestyle, dynamics and emotional design of the U6ion concept car with the unrivaled space and high utility value of the already available U5 SUV. The images now published show the European production version for the first time. The high-quality light design, which has been adopted almost unchanged from the study, is clearly visible.

Adaptive and groundbreaking: teaser images show light design

With two LED projectors per side and an unmistakable daytime running light signature, the main headlights of the new Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé present themselves in the first photos. The adaptive LED lighting system is not only a further development of the previously used headlights in terms of design, but also in terms of functionality. The same applies to the taillights. The LED light strip, which spans the entire width of the vehicle and is in one piece in the tailgate, is not only a technological highlight, it also impresses with its dynamic staging of the lighting functions.

High level of innovation and new technologies: AI-Tech highlights expertise

“It is not only in terms of lighting technology and design that the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé shows a new language. The new model has been continuously revised in all key areas and thus testifies to the high innovative strength of our young brand,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. For the new U6 SUV-Coupé, not only were new technologies quickly adapted, but customer feedback was also quickly and easily incorporated into the development process. Under the label AI-Tech, Aiways is now confidently combining its own developments for the first time in the U6 SUV-Coupé, thus underlining its own development expertise.

Ideal setting for the premiere: World EV Day

World EV Day is more than the invention of a hashtag. It is a symbol for a global movement that is working together to drive change. It is supported by companies, politics, but above all by the pioneers of electric driving. It is a day to celebrate electric mobility and the transition to sustainable transportation. Whether on a large or small scale, whether with a world premiere, a meeting among like-minded people at a charging station, or while talking among friends: World EV Day brings electromobility into the conversation. To support it, Aiways has therefore deliberately chosen September 9, 2022 for the European premiere of the new U6 SUV-Coupé.

SOURCE: Aiways

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