With over 50 lakh drivers trained, Maruti Suzuki pledges to strengthen road safety

Driving training facilities use scientifically designed test tracks, driving simulators and well defined course curriculum

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has achieved the milestone of providing state-of-the-art driving training to 50 lakh aspirants, cumulatively. The milestone includes cumulative figures of the candidates being trained in learner, refresher and evaluation courses at its network of driving training facilities- Maruti Suzuki Driving Schools (MDS) and Institutes of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR).

Established with an aim to provide best-in-class facilities for driving training and make Indian roads safer, these training facilities cater to “learner” as well as existing drivers for private and commercial vehicles.

Road Safety lies at the heart of Maruti’s CSR initiatives and the company has undertaken social initiatives targeting different aspects of road safety management and driving training. While the Maruti Driving Schools are managed by the Company’s dealers, the IDTRs are managed by the Company in partnership with the respective State governments. Through these initiatives, the company has introduced global standards for quality driving training, through a scientifically designed curriculum consisting of theory as well as practical training.

Maruti Suzuki driving training initiative was started in 2000 and the countrywide Driving Training network of Maruti Suzuki has grown over the years to reach 480 Maruti Driving Schools and 07 IDTRs, presently.

Mr Ajay Kumar Tomer, Executive Advisor, CSR, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, “The milestone of 50 lakh trainees from Maruti Suzuki driving institutes is a testament of our commitment to road safety. Promoting safe driving is our collective social responsibility and we urge every responsible citizen to learn scientific way of driving and focus on technical and behavioral aspects of road safety.”

He added, “With the network of training facilities, Maruti Suzuki has introduced global levels of quality training for driving to make the roads safer across the country.”

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SOURCE: Maruti Suzuki