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Winning Best Quality Awards again in China, Chery aims at international prizes

On June 30, 2017, the 36th National Machinery Industry Quality Conference was completed in Hohhot of China, which was hosted by China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association. The Conference was attended by more than 200 enterprises and 470 QC teams in machinery industry of China. Relying on the Optimization QC Team and Leading QC Team, Chery excelled among competitors and received the award of National Benchmark Team in Machinery Industry, the highest award granted by the Conference. Its Optimization QC Team was selected as one of the 4 typical results in the industry, which was also recommended as the National Excellent QC Team for 2017, thus highlighting again the outstanding quality of Chery products.

It was the second time for Chery to get the award after it received the titles of National Excellent QC Team and Excellent Enterprise in the National Campaign of Quality Management Team in Machinery Industry in 2016 National Machinery Industry Quality Conference. Thanks to years of experience and excellent performance of its QC team, Chery will attend the International Convention on Quality Control Circles to be held in Philippines in the second half of 2017 as the representative of China’s manufacturers.

Thanks to the leading strategic vision, Chery has set up the well-established industry-leading quality assurance system, which helps Chery get many awards and prizes in various quality evaluations in recent years. In terms of R&D, Chery has established the double-matrix development management model consisting of “ten specialized lines” and “five product lines”, thus forming the V-shaped forward development system and process in line with international standards. In the field of production, Chery promotes CPS and TPM platforms to deepen system ability and lay a solid foundation for developing excellent products and brands. Market survey reveals Chery IPTV, in its Strategy 2.0 system, have been reduced to 25, which not only leads other brands in China, but also excels the mainstream JV brands. In terms of product safety, all products of Chery Strategy 2.0 have reached C-NCAP five-star safety standards.

Besides, as a major supplement to product quality management system, Chery is also encouraging the various activities of quality improvement in the field of R&D and production and establishing various QC teams. The teams, managed independently and enlightening each other for the sake of common development, make full use of the wisdom, initiative and creativity of team members, thus making wonderful effect. At the same time, the experience worked out by these teams is also collected in the experience bank, thus providing useful reference for development of new projects and bringing new energy for Chery products.

Following the corporate vision of “ingenuity for excellent brand”, Chery has always deemed system building as the core contents and completed building of nine systems. By enhancing system ability, it provides strong assurance for product quality. Nowadays, Chery has more than six million users in the world and wins trust and wonderful fame among global consumers because of the best-quality products and services. In this way, solid foundation has been established for Chery to become an international automobile brand with global competitiveness.

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