Wejo announces Moonshadow as a Data Insight Partner

Wejo, the connected car data pioneer, is introducing new ways for customers to benefit from its data with its Wejo Data Insight Partner platform plug in

Wejo, the connected car data pioneer, is introducing new ways for customers to benefit from its data with its Wejo Data Insight Partner platform plug in. Moonshadow Mobile, Inc (“Moonshadow”), an Oregon-based technology company which visualizes and analyzes mobility data in online mapping environments at scale, is the first of its kind to plug into Wejo’s data platform. Having Moonshadow’s DB4IoT as a plug-in to Wejo’s ADEPT platform enables DOTs and transportation engineers to easily visualize and interact with Big Data without the complexity of storage and running granular and manual queries.

Wejo has 15 million cars in the US on its platform and receives an update from each driving vehicle every three seconds. This results in an enormous dataset, and Wejo has collated nearly 5 trillion datapoints in total to date. Making this data available for live traffic monitoring as well as historic transportation analytics requires powerful database technology and significant server resources. Moonshadow’s DB4IoT plugged in to Wejo’s platform allows more organizations – and in turn drivers – to benefit from connected car data insights.

Moonshadow developed the DB4IoT Mobility Analytics platform specifically for use with large detailed connected vehicle databases. DB4IoT enables transportation engineers to select road segments and generate origin destination tables from billions of Wejo waypoints. Wejo data is so precise that it is possible to analyze speed changes and travel times within road segments. Moonshadow offers DB4IoT with Wejo data as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is accessed from a web browser. Moonshadow handles the data storage and analytics taking the pressure off Department of Transportations to set up servers, install databases or process large datasets.

By ingesting Wejo’s real-time data feed, DB4IoT will automatically update interactive maps every few seconds with vehicle data that is less than 120 seconds old for almost any area in the US. Where other solutions provide per road segment speeds, DB4IoT with Wejo live feeds will show the exact location where traffic is stopped and backing up.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Richard Barlow, CEO of Wejo, said: “We believe in the power of data for good and strive to ensure as many people as possible benefit from connected car data and the positive contribution it can make to drivers and society as a whole. This partnership broadens the amount of beneficiaries of our data in the US, helping road users, city planners and DOTs.”

Commenting on today’s announcement, Eimar Boesjes, CEO of Moonshadow, said:

“In today’s transportation planning environment, the problem isn’t a lack of access to data, it’s turning the vast amounts of available connected vehicle and mobility data into useful information that helps planners and agencies make informed decisions. The challenge is combining the data from many multimodal sources and presenting it in an easy-to-use mobility package. Our partnership with Wejo means the best and most reliable car data will be available in an easy-to-use format available to a wide range of end users.”

Wejo’s plug-in platform partnerships, such as the Data Insight Partnership with Moonshadow, enables organizations with limited resources and technology to easily access and visualise connected car data. Moonshadow’s existing customers will now also be able to benefit from rich data from the 15 million vehicles currently available on Wejo’s platform.