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Webasto at CES 2024: Next level of comfort and entertainment on the road

Together with two strong partners, automotive supplier Webasto presents a cinema experience on wheels and an elegant roof sensor integration at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

In the course of autonomous driving, in-vehicle entertainment is becoming increasingly important. Webasto uses the vehicle roof as a sizeable opportunity for innovation. Under the motto “Revolutionizing comfort and entertainment on the road”, Webasto, alongside LG Display, presents a high-tech roof system with an integrated transparent screen, and together with Luminar, the sensor integration in the vehicle roof.

 Cinema on wheels: A new era of entertainment

Webasto and LG Display create a new level of in-car entertainment with an elegant mechanism and a large-format OLED screen that can be lowered into the rear of the car. A transparent screen from LG Display, which is integrated into the roof, transforms the vehicle into a private cinema at the touch of a button. Webasto supplies the technology to lower the display from the headliner in a delicate rotating movement, guided by two lateral articulated rails. The transparency of the switched-off display provides an unobstructed view of the sky or of light effects which are integrated into the panoramic roof (West Hall, Booth 3741).

Sensor integration: Ensuring safety and autonomy

Webasto elegantly integrates a long-range lidar from Luminar with new packaging size into its Roof Sensor Module (RSM) to ensure automated driving. Luminar is a global automotive technology company developing lidar-powered safety systems for passenger vehicles and the first to enable next-generation safety and autonomous capabilities for production vehicles. At CES, Luminar will exhibit a long-range lidar seamlessly integrated into the roofline by Webasto. The elevated position of the lidar is optimized for performance and ensures reliable monitoring of the vehicle’s surroundings (West Hall, Booth 5917).

SOURCE: Webasto

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