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Volkswagen: Virtual exhibition “START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC”

The DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin takes its guests on a virtual journey through the world of electro mobility

The DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin takes its guests on a virtual journey through the world of electro mobility. By means of a 360° -tour the exhibition START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC can be experienced digitally.

The user can view over 50 exhibits and car models online, additional info boxes convey important background knowledge as well as inform about each individual theme.

How does e-mobility work? What does it cost? Where does the electricity come from? The new DRIVE exhibition answers these questions and showcases the most exciting changes in the world of mobility since the invention of the combustion engine. START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC concentrates on the complexities of e-mobility, outlines the overarching relationships and highlights the advantages and challenges of the new electric drive system. The focus is on new dimensions in automotive design as well as on the prospects and limitations of integrating sustainable raw materials.

Interactive displays focus on themes ranging from the driving experience to individual mobility. Viewers navigate through the exhibition via point-and-click for a realistic, on-site experience. Inside the walk-in 360° cinema, film sequences can be launched to emotionally acclimate visitors to the exhibition content. The virtual multimedia walk-through is engaging and full of surprises. Highlights include the latest e-models along with concept vehicles developed by the Volkswagen Group brands.

Liane Scheinert, Director, DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum, explains: “The virtual tour offers visitors a preview of the START TO DRIVE ELECTRIC exhibition. It is designed to provide food for thought and answer questions about e-mobility in an uncomplicated, interactive way. The 360° virtual tour also serves as a starting point for other digital activities in DRIVE. We invite our visitors to join us as we explore new dimensions of mobility.”

The 360° tour starts here:

SOURCE: Volkswagen

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