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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: The new Transporter: Robust and beautiful

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reveals the first specific details of its new Transporter, which is characterised by high-quality, aesthetic design elements

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is presenting the first specific details of its seventh-generation Transporter1 – while also revealing a glimpse of a particularly charismatic and versatile version: the PanAmericana1. “Right from the outset and across the generations, the Transporter has been a robust and practical vehicle. And it achieves this in its most beautiful form. That’s why it has become an icon. Now, with our seventh Transporter, we have managed to create another vehicle that meets precisely these criteria – a robust vehicle with a highly aesthetic design. It seamlessly follows the classic Bulli DNA, but we have systematically enhanced the design – as is perfectly demonstrated by the new PanAmericana,” says Albert Kirzinger, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Chief Designer. Kirzinger adds: “Even the very first PanAmericana, which was based on the T5, gave you the impression that nothing could come close to it. This charm and sense of cool is also reflected in every detail of the new PanAmericana.”

Stylish utility: “The new Transporter combines a high degree of utility with the distinctively clean and iconic style of Volkswagen Design. It is not just the vehicle’s overall lines, but also its individual elements that have become hallmark features of the product line,” says Albert Kirzinger. These include wheel rims, headlights and tail light clusters. The Chief Designer adds: “Even supposedly small details such as side sill panel moulding or wheel arch extensions are elements where this combination of robustness and aesthetics fuse together to give the Transporter its unique DNA.” The new PanAmericana demonstrates this perfectly with its all-terrain attachments on the sides: They are useful because they protect the body. They are aesthetically pleasing because their design is clean and precise. And they are a visible evolution of the PanAmericana design, as they add further emphasis to the allroad character and robustness of this Bulli built for globetrotters. Albert Kirzinger says: “Robustness – integrated into a crystal-clear design – signifies value to us and is a quintessential feature of the seventh Transporter generation.”

Iconic design:
 Another example of the striking Transporter and Volkswagen details is the new 19-inch “Indianapolis” alloy wheel.2 The PanAmericana will be launched with this first 19-inch wheel2 as standard, the first in the history of the series. It features a premium design with a diamond-cut rim and black spoked star. According to Kirzinger, “Even if you covered up the VW badge on the hub cap, the Indianapolis wheel would still be recognisable as a Transporter and Volkswagen wheel thanks to its clean, iconic design.”

Face in the crowd:
 “The headlights and tail light clusters have long been more than just sources of light. Even the first Transporter had round headlights that made it look like the commercial vehicle had eyes, giving the front end a face. The new Transporter also has an unmistakable face – and this is once again thanks to its striking light design,” Albert Kirzinger explains. The PanAmericana will be launched as standard with the top-of-the-line version of the new LED headlights.2 However, the entry-level versions will also have LED headlights2 on board. The PanAmericana’s new LED tail light clusters2 likewise leave you in no doubt that this is a Transporter. The new light design has a further significance: It symbolises that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has shifted the Transporter into the future of technology. After all, it is not just the lights that are electric; the drive system in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ new Transporter can also be electrified on request.

1) Near-production concept vehicle
2) All prices and standard equipment apply to the model range offered in Germany

SOURCE: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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