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Volkswagen and diconium further expand their corporation

diconium contributes further key know-how to the Volkswagen Group’s Car.Software organization and strengthens Volkswagen’s capabilities in the field of digital sales solutions

The Volkswagen Group and the founding shareholders of diconium have agreed on the acquisition by Volkswagen of the remaining shares in diconium. By acquiring all of the shares in the company, Volkswagen is strengthening its capabilities in the field of digital sales solutions. These include the development of a global online sales platform which will allow customers of all Group brands to purchase and manage digital services and on demand functions for their fully connected vehicles in the future. For this purpose, diconium will be contributing its key know-how to the Car.Software organization of the Volkswagen Group, which is responsible for developing software for the vehicle, digital ecosystems and customer-oriented functions for sales across the Group brands. The completion of the transaction is still subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities.

The Volkswagen Group had already announced the acquisition of 49 percent of the shares in diconium in November 2018. By acquiring the remaining 51 percent of the shares, Volkswagen will lay the foundation for a stronger role of diconium in shaping the Car.Software organization.

Under the umbrella of the Car.Software organization, experts from diconium are developing a global online sales platform. In the future, customers of all Group brands will be able to purchase and manage digital services and on-demand functions for their fully connected vehicles via this platform. The functions will include media streaming in the car, automatic payment for refueling, battery charging and parking, as well as updates for the vehicle. In addition, the online sales platform will be linked to the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, which is also being developed by the Car.Software organization.

“The Volkswagen Group is committed to offering our customers a steadily growing range of innovative digital added value services which they can use conveniently and safely both directly in their cars and via their mobile devices,” says Christian Senger, Volkswagen brand Board Member responsible for Digital Car & Services and CEO of the Car.Software organization. “The technological basis will be the uniform online sales platform which we are developing for all our brands within the Car.Software organization. The proven expert knowledge, experience and digital culture of our colleagues from diconium will give us a significant boost in this area.“

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen brand Board Member responsible for Sales and Marketing, says: “At Volkswagen, we are extending our strong traditional core business with our growing “We” ecosystem which will provide tailored digital services and mobility offerings for customers. Future-oriented skills for the expansion of our digital business activities will play a crucial role in this context. In future, we want to network vehicles, customers and our sales partners even more strongly and to create a seamless Volkswagen brand experience. In order to realize an omni-channel offering for customers, we need the e-commerce competence of strong partners like diconium.“

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SOURCE: Volkswagen

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