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Voith to supply retarders for Turkish truck manufacturer Ford Otosan’s new EcoTorq 16-speed transmission

Integrated VR 115 CT retarder ensures wear-free braking and optimum braking action.

With Ford Otosan, Voith has gained a new customer in the commercial vehicle segment. As an exclusive partner, the Heidenheim-based technology group will in future supply the retarders for the new EcoTorq heavy-duty transmission developed and manufactured by the Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer itself. The 16-speed transmission was specially developed for heavy commercial vehicles equipped with a 13-liter Ford Ecotorq Euro 6 engine. One prominent example is the F-Max long-haul semitrailer, launched in 2019 and voted “Truck of the Year”, and with which the company aims to expand into Western Europe.

An integrated retarder type VR 115 CT fitted to the output side of the transmission ensures wear-free braking. The retarder drive shaft is connected to the vehicle’s cardan shaft via a step-up gear wheel. Ford Otosan launched the automatic version of the new EcoTorq 16-speed transmission in Turkey for all vehicle segments in October 2021. The launch of the manual version will follow. In 2022, the transmission will then also be introduced in international markets for all of the company’s heavy-duty vehicles.

Claus Peroutka, Senior Global Key Account Manager at Voith Turbo: “The partnership with Ford Otosan opens up new markets to us. With Ford Otosan, we are supplying the retarder to an international truck manufacturer with big ambitions, especially in Europe.:

The VR 115 CT is a step-up gear retarder with a high braking torque. It has a self-contained oil supply system and is integrated into the vehicle’s braking management system. In conjunction with the service brakes it provides optimal braking action. At the same time, the retarder increases ride comfort, by keeping speed constant downhill as a form of “downhill cruise control”, without the additional use of the service brakes.

Both parties are also seeking to collaborate closely in the area of retarder service and have started to work intensively to this end in the target markets. In this context, full use will be made of Voith’s existing service network in the regions.


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