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Vitesco Technologies at the CTI: Increasing efficiency as a driver of success for electromobility

In Berlin, the company presents technologies for more range and higher integration in electric cars

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of modern drive technologies and solutions for electromobility, presents new technologies for efficient electric driving at the CTI Symposium in Berlin from December 5 to 8, 2022, at the booth in hall 2 (C2.1) and with technical lectures. The exhibited innovations are driving global trends in electromobility: first and foremost, more efficient driving and thus greater range, as well as higher integration of single components into modules. Progress in both areas helps to boost the success of vehicle electrification worldwide.

With its EMR3 and EMR4 electric axle drives, Vitesco Technologies is one of the successful pioneers in highly efficient compact solutions for electric vehicle drives. In an innovation project, the company has now developed the prototype of the E-axle control module. The electrohydraulic control module shown for the first time in Berlin provides several scalable functions: Essentially, it provides oil cooling for high speeds which makes it possible to utilize the maximum output of an electric motor to a larger extent than today as continuous power. On top of that the module can provide oil for lubrication purposes. Further functions are to be integrated in three scalable expansion stages with additional actuators: This includes safety functions for automated driving, and the option to switch to energy-saving “sailing” without regenerative braking when the battery is fully charged. Further choices are additional clutches for torque vectoring and the possibility to utilize the module for installing a so-called “dry” rear axle with electrically actuated brakes.

The higher functional integration that we demonstrate with the e-axle control module further increases an electrified vehicle’s efficiency and makes it easier for vehicle manufacturers to integrate innovative functions at a competitive cost level.

Thomas Stierle, Member of the Executive Board and head of the Electrification Technology and the Electronic Controls business units of Vitesco Technologies

The exhibited thermal management module is a second highlight. It integrates numerous individual components, such as actuators, sensors or pumps, within a single and easy-to-install module. In an exemplary configuration this higher integration level saves 7percent installation space, reduces the number of components that need to be assembled individually by 75 percent, and it can save up to around 10 percent of cost, depending on the application. The core function of thermal management is to flexibly distribute all heat flows within the vehicle thus ensuring that all systems can run at their optimal temperature. During the winter season, for instance, thermal management ensures that the battery is pre-heated before charging so that efficient and fast charging becomes possible at all.

Efficiency is also the focus of the innovative battery management system, shown in Berlin. It performs essential control functions for optimizing performance as well as monitoring the safety of the battery. With a specially developed process in the field of active cell balancing, further system efficiency advantages can be realized by the battery management system. There are already customer projects for both technologies.

SOURCE: Vitesco Technologies

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