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Valeo receives Honda Supplier Award in the development category for its contribution to the world’s first SAE Level 3 automated driving system authorized for commercial use

Honda announced the 2021 Supplier Awards, and Valeo is very proud to receive the Supplier Award in the development category

Valeo equips the Autonomous Driving System in the Honda Legend, the world’s first Level 3 automated driving system authorized for commercial use.

Valeo widely contributed to this unique achievement, by supplying a high-performance on-board control unit as well as most of the sensors used to achieve Level 3 functionality. No less than five Valeo SCALA® 3D LiDARs and two front cameras observe the car’s surroundings. Sophisticated software running on Valeo’s Data Fusion Controller recreates a detailed 360-degree representation of the vehicle’s surroundings, using state-of-the-art algorithms for object detection, data fusion and safety-related functions such as self-diagnosis and failsafe operation.

Honda was the first car manufacturer to receive type designation for a “Traffic Jam Pilot” according to Level 3 as defined by SAE standard J3016™ on Nov.11, 2020.

Marc Vrecko, Business Group President, Valeo Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems, said: “This award from Honda is recognition of the development work we have done, together, to achieve this world first. LiDAR systems provide a critical safety function in all sensors and software. It is the core technology that makes level 3 automation a reality. And the new Honda Legend, equipped with Valeo’s driving assistance technology, demonstrates this to the whole world.”

Valeo is the global leader in driving assistance, with technologies integrated in one in three vehicles produced worldwide. Its portfolio includes ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars, the first automotive-grade LiDAR on the market and related smart technology.


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