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Valeo has produced its 20 millionth front camera system integrating Mobileye EyeQ® technology

On November 15, 2023, Valeo produced its 20 millionth front camera system containing Mobileye technology

Valeo, world leader in advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), started its collaboration with Mobileye in 2015, choosing to integrate into its front camera system hardware and software the Mobileye system-on-chip (SoC), named “EyeQ®”. Mobileye, with partners like Valeo, revolutionized driving assistance systems by taking computer vision technology to a next level in the automotive industry. Together, Valeo and Mobileye have combined their best in class technology and have developed and manufactured multiple generations of front camera systems. The strong collaboration between Valeo and Mobileye is now focused on the integration of the latest generation of the Mobileye SoC into the Valeo front camera system and also into Valeo’s cutting edge centralized computer and software.

The Valeo’s front camera system using the Mobileye EyeQ contributes to the safety of road users by supporting key features such as autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and traffic sign recognition. A front camera system is the key enabler in reaching safety requirements defined by authorities around the world, and we expect that by 2030 about 90% of all new cars will be equipped with advanced driver assistance technology.

Marc Vrecko, President of Valeo’s Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group, said: “Valeo offers the largest portfolio of sensors and perception software available on the market. Front cameras are one of the key technologies for enhanced safety and will soon be set up on all vehicles. We are very proud to have reached this new milestone in the ramp up of our production and in our partnership with Mobileye. At Valeo, we strive to make our technology efficient, but also available to all and we are proud to be contributing to the safety of road users“.

“Since our founding we have focused on improving vehicle safety for drivers globally. Our ongoing success with Valeo demonstrates how far we’ve come together and the opportunies that lie ahead to bring even more advanced technologies to millions of vehicles over the next few years. We look forward to working with Valeo with the next-generation Mobileye EyeQ6 system-on-chip going into full production next year“, said Nimrod Nehushtan, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Mobileye.

Today, more than 90% of road accidents are caused by human error. ADAS are at the heart of the transformation of mobility, driven by enhancements in safety and comfort. The ADAS market is expected to grow by 17% per year to reach 60 billion euros in 2030. Valeo has the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of sensors (ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars and LiDARs), software and associated intelligence. Beyond their collaboration for cameras, Mobileye and Valeo announced in September a new collaboration on software-defined imaging radars to support the next-generation of driver assist and automated driving features.


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