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Valeo ClimSpray™ – Voted Product of the Year 2021

Disinfectant against coronaviruses in vehicle cabins wins consumer award

Valeo ClimSpray™ has just been awarded the “Voted Product of the Year” logo. With a simple spray, Valeo ClimSpray™ disinfects a vehicle cabin in 15 minutes and renders any coronavirus-like viruses, bacteria and fungi inactive. The solution contained in the product has been certified by an independent medical laboratory, demonstrating its compliance with European anti-microbial efficacy standards*.

The product has the dual advantage of not only preventing the spread of infectious microbes at the source, but also releasing a pleasant fragrance. Valeo ClimSpray™ is trace- and stain-free**.

Helping to improve air quality is a key innovation focus for Valeo. In addition to Valeo ClimSpray™, the Group has also developed very high-efficiency air filters, which create a barrier to entry for air pollution. Thanks to three layers of material and a natural coating made up of polyphenols from plants, fruits, vegetables and good oxidants, they block ultra-fine particles, harmful gases, fungi, mold and certain viral particles of more than 0.3µm (or 0.0003mm).

Hygiene in the vehicle cabin is a major issue, particularly when the vehicle is shared through carpooling or ride-hailing. A BCG study (April 2020) found that, since the emergence of Covid-19, 80% of respondents see cars as the safest means of transportation.

Valeo’s innovations, such as Valeo ClimSpray™, protect people from pollutants, germs, allergens, particles and viruses, transforming the vehicle into a sort of “health shield”.

* Product compliant with EN14476+A2 (proven to be effective against coronavirus-type viruses), EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1276 and EN13697 standards.

** Valeo ClimSpray™ is available from specialized automotive parts distributors and online retailers for around €20 including VAT (distributors are free to set retail prices).


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